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The Rougeum
I invite you to make your contribution to this new phase of my work.

It was always clear to me that blue was a very important colour for me, and it still holds its status as one of the Divine Colours, but the blue rooms as you've known them are now a lost era.

Today I share with you this hue that I believe is a fundamental of my understanding of the universe, a hue of energy that i hope can guide you through anything.

I invite you to make your contribution to this energy network.

Omnipotent Energy

Bleu is the fundamental state of my inner world. Rouge stands as infinite threads of energy in this contagion.

I have shared with you the foundations of my inner dialogue in these past years by setting the stage and now externalizing the nature of the archetypes - omnipotent energy.

I have always been clear that my archetypes are the protagonists of my dialogue.

I believe they are guardian angels of fragile parts of myself; it is time for me to share their strength.

  • You Can Remix ROugE
    I invite you to freely share, adapt, and build upon ROugE. This includes the ability to mint and sell your creations.
  • Reserved Rights
    Although the license provide commercial minting rights, it doesn't include general commercial rights. Some rights reserved. Trademark rights reserved.
  • The ROugEum
    coming soon
  • The ROugE License
    ROugE is freely licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC+ BY NC SA 4.0) with extra nft minting permissions found here.
  • Attribution Requirements
    If you mint something that was created using ROugE, you must provide a reference to ROugE or Tjo somewhere on chain or in the artwork description.
  • On Chain Rights
    The ROugE license is completely immutable and on-chain. Made available by Transient Labs’ Story contract.
  • Mint Alike
    If you mint a ROugE derivative, you automatically apply this same license to your remix.
  • No owed Royalty
    You have no royalty obligations to Tjo. I am sharing this energy with you and it is up to you to decided what you do with it.
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